Executive Brief 3


To: VP of Marketing

From: Dylan Tosti

Subject: Executive Brief #3


How to be Human

The brands most effective at using social media are the ones that know how to humanize themselves.

Writing for Website Magazine, SEO expert Richard Oldale remarks, “There is a growing need to treat prospects like a human being rather than just another customer you are trying to get to part with their money. […] The driving force behind humanizing your brand is through content.”[1] Kevin Lund and Eileen Sutton, writing for Content Marketing Institute, maintain a similar view. “If you’re working to humanize content,” they write, “brand voice is a good starting point.” Lund and Sutton recommend four basic rules of engagement across all social channels: be clear, be helpful, be concise, and be consistent.[2]

According to Aaron Orendorff, also with Content Marketing Institute, another way to humanize your content is to “create a visually based social media calendar built around three of the primary reasons humans engage with social media.”[3] He recommends that marketers:

  • Celebrate holidays – create original content that celebrates the holiday, not your product or sales
  • Create events – tie your promotions to events and make them inherently sociable and shareable
  • Embrace trends – capitalize on current trends to help your audience feel like they and you are a part of those trends

Next month contains both St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness. I propose we create a promotion to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day that celebrates the holiday. I also propose preparing content that pertains to March Madness, as that will certainly be a trending topic. These initiatives should allow us to connect with our customers at a more human level. With your permission, I can get both projects in motion by the end of the week.


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