Sales Role Play – Gatekeeper Phone Call

Sales Role Play – Gatekeeper Phone Call

My sales class will be doing multiple role plays of the selling process throughout the semester. The people we are pitching to are not students or instructors, but actual sales professionals.

The first role play was the gatekeeper phone call. Working as an account executive for Adobe’s Sign division, I was tasked with phoning the fictitious Frankie Olsen of Campton Inc. in order to schedule a face-to-face meeting with Olsen and anyone else involved in the buying decision.

I began this call by introducing myself and building rapport. Olsen is a fellow graduate of NIU, so I used that to my advantage. I asked Olsen what prompted him to download a white paper on e-signatures from our website. I told him I thought I’d be able to help him with the issues he described as going on at Campton. I inquired as to the time sensitivity of the issue and asked if there was anyone else who would be involved in the decision to potentially purchase Adobe Sign. Once he gave me the name of his boss, I scheduled a meeting for the following week between the three of us at Campton’s office.

Here is the evaluation the sales professional I talked to filled out after the call.

An evaluation of my performance in this role play
Gatekeeper phone call evaluation

In addition to scoring me as excellent in all of the categories, the professional wrote, “This was great and almost just perfect. … the best one I had.”

Although I do not intend to go into sales, this serves as an example of my exceptional communication skills. I hope it conveys that I strive for excellence in all that I do.